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About the Institute
The I Ching Institute was founded in 2000 by Carol K. Anthony and Hanna Moog, to teach and share the new discoveries they learned from the I Ching. These new discoveries came about after they had learned a new way to communicate with the oracle that enabled them to clarify its messages. This new way of communicating was not a method of channeling, but of proposing hypotheses, to which the oracle could reply in a differentiated way, as described in the separate article below.

Their new discoveries include a totally new understanding of the way the healthy psyche functions in the service of the wholeness of the individual. They discovered as well, how the false use of language causes the psyche to be disturbed, and how, through the correction of language and thought, that wholeness can be restored. They found, coincidentally, that this restoration also heals the body. They further gained, through their researches, a totally new understanding of the nature of the Cosmos and its way: that the Cosmos is a self-protecting system of harmonic principles, of which humans are an integral part, but with which they come into conflict (create adverse fates) when they use a language that does not express Cosmic truths. As a consequence of this misuse of language they become out of harmony with themselves.
These discoveries have informed the following three books published since 2002:
I Ching, The Oracle of the Cosmic Way. (2002 and 2007)This is a new version of the I Ching, based on the authors’ communication with the voice that speaks through the I Ching oracle. It also contains a description of this new method of communication for those who wish to learn it. The book enables a practical application of I Ching Principles that is unparalleled in previous versions of the I Ching.
Healing Yourself the Cosmic Way. (2006) This book gives a background understanding of how the use of disharmonious language causes illness, and shows ways to “deprogram” sick-making phrases and images.
The Psyche Revealed Through the I Ching. (2010) A totally new understanding of the psyche enables the reader to embark on his own inner journey of self-discovery.
Their researches into new fields of application is ongoing.
The I Ching Institute offers a regular course of seminars at its home in Stow, Massachusetts, and occasionally in other places, as listed in this website.
All seminars are based on the above-mentioned three books.

The I Ching Oracle, as Defined by Itself
by Carol K. Anthony and Hanna Moog
The I Ching (in simplified terms) is the Number One wisdom book of China. It is the foundation of the Chinese culture, and the origin of Chinese philosophy, and as such, is the wellspring of both Confucianism and philosophical Taoism. Its philosophy is at the root of all Chinese arts, of medicine, and acupuncture, and it has influenced many offshoot applications such as T’ai Chi, Chi Gong, Feng Shui, and Chinese cooking.

More precisely, the I Ching is an ancient oracle that is designed to answer people’s most fundamental questions. Put in its own terms, it is a way of mirroring what is contained in our DNA, which the I Ching calls our inner truth. It is the knowledge stored in our deepest cell structures that tells us about ourselves, about our place in the Cosmos, and about the Cosmos itself. It is this knowledge that makes it possible for us humans to interface with our natural environment seamlessly, without the necessity of thinking. Our access to it is not directly through our mind, but through a translating function in our psyche that translates the knowledge that is stored in our DNA (in the form of feelings and images) into a language that speaks to us as our “commonsense.” Our commonsense then brings it into our conscious awareness. The I Ching oracle serves as a translator of this knowledge for those times when our inborn translating function has become disabled through disuse. The I Ching translates this deep inner truth into metaphors.

The core philosophical question that the I Ching oracle addresses is: How can humans live in harmony with the Cosmos? Behind this question lie two profound and true realizations on the part of the ancient Chinese: (1) that human nature is only good, and (2) when we are in accord with our true nature, we are in harmony with the Cosmos. When we are in harmony with the Cosmos, our acts have the quality of being spontaneously correct, meaning appropriate and fitting, without any conscious intention. This natural state is described in Hexagram 25, which has been translated variously as “Innocence,” “Without Error,” “Integrity,” and “Without Falsehood.”

These two realizations gave rise to the two basic philosophies of China: Taoism and Confucianism. From this beginning point, that human nature is only good, the two philosophies turn in different directions, each answering the question: how do humans lose their original natures, or true selves? Followers of Confucius said that this happens due to man’s animal nature, and that he has the choice either to follow his “higher,” nature, which is seen as good, or his lower, animal nature, which is seen as tending toward evil. Lao Tzu, founder of philosophical Taoism, rejected this view as contradictory, stating that humans lose their innocence through social conditioning. (Note: philosophical Taoism is not to be confused with the Taoist religion, which mixes the original animist religions of China with Buddhism.)

The other profound realization of the Chinese, which is derived from hundreds of years of consulting the oracle, is that the person who is true to his original nature is continuously blessed and protected by the beneficent Cosmos. That view is behind the I Ching predictions of “success,” which mean: “the success that comes from the Cosmos to the person who is sincere in his way of life.” Its predictions of “misfortune” refer to the consequences of actions and thoughts that are not in accord with one’s true nature.

The person who consults the I Ching over a period of time begins to understand which ideas or beliefs taken on during his education and conditioning, have created his misfortunes. The true purpose of the I Ching is to help him return to his true nature. (Note that its use has long been degraded into a superficial fortune telling.)

The I Ching as a Means to Access Our Inner Truth
Through their decades-long researches with the I Ching, Carol Anthony and Hanna Moog have learned that when we are in harmony with ourselves, every body cell is at peace and at rest, because we are in tune with the greater harmony of the Cosmos. When we have not been alienated from our true nature through conditioning, we know the true way to go in every circumstance, through our body’s ability to feel what is harmonious and what is not. It is when we lose contact with our ability to feel this harmony and disharmony, that we lose our way and become separated from our unity with the Cosmos.

In its use as an oracle, the I Ching’s answers address the questioner’s emotions and thoughts by commenting on whether they are in harmony with the Cosmos. It addresses these things because they are the precursors of action. Adversities in our lives, it makes clear, originate in ideas and beliefs that falsely present the nature of the Cosmos and its way, and the human place in it. It is when our thinking mind becomes separated from our body knowledge (contained in our DNA) that all discord and conflict arise.

When we have accumulated a number of wrong convictions and conclusions about life, and are no longer able to know ourselves, we need a competent teacher that is able to get us back in touch with our inner truth. The I Ching oracle is just this teacher. It teaches by pointing out those wrong convictions and conclusions that have led to the specific difficulties we are facing at the moment. Thus, it is a teacher that helps us relate to the real world, in the context of our real needs of the moment. It further shows us that there is a Cosmic way to resolve our difficulties, which is outside our conventional ways of thinking. We know it speaks the truth, because when we hear it, it resonates throughout our bodies as fitting, and appropriate in all respects. The I Ching oracle shows us the situation from the Cosmic perspective, thus removing the basis for conflict and providing the means to restore inner harmony.

The I Ching oracle developed (3500-4000 years ago) from people’s using a chance method to ask whether their actions were in harmony with the Cosmos. It was as simple as tossing a coin to get a yes or no answer. The yes answer was represented by a positive line ( — ), the No answer by a broken line (- - ). Later, this yes/no system developed into a more differentiated three-lined system called trigrams.

Eventually, the trigrams were given names and seen to have characteristics that were taken as indicators of good fortune or misfortune. By 1150 B.C., the trigrams had been combined into the six-lined hexagram system we know today, comprised of 64 hexagrams.
In this system, each hexagram was seen to represent a theme that had been experienced over and over. Connected with this theme was a relative prediction of success or failure known as “The Judgment.” The theme was explained by a text. Each of the six lines that make up the hexagram has its own oracle saying that treats a specific aspect of the overall theme of the hexagram. Over the centuries, these anonymously written texts were overwritten by scholars in various dynasties, sometimes with deliberate intent to justify the political intentions of the ruling regimes. While this practice created contradictions in the commentary text, and obscured its original meanings, the core text remained in the form of The Judgments and the oracle sayings of the six lines.

The Importance of Our Relationship with the Cosmos
Human separation from the Cosmos is caused by ways of thinking that are contrary to the Cosmic Harmony. This is also to say that the myth that the Cosmos abandoned humans is false. Rather, it is that humans abandoned the Cosmos through adopting pretentious ideas about themselves that elevated them above all other things as “special.” The effect of this hubris has been people’s separation from the multitudinous helping forces of the Cosmos.
When people bring themselves back into harmony with the Cosmos through correcting their thinking they experience Cosmic blessings in all aspects of their lives. In the absence of inner harmony, they experience inner and outer conflict, and they are unable to fulfill their true purpose in life. Life to them seems to be a waste, nothing but suffering, and senseless.

As the I Ching makes clear, the invisible Cosmic Consciousness, of which we are all a part, is the source of everything we experience as meaningful in our lives: love, material and other possessions, the job that suits us, security from harm, learning opportunities, and many more things.

Finally, the I Ching, experienced over many years as their personal guide, has shown the authors that the oracle is not a parlor game, a source of luck, or an indicator of a life-script that is written in the stars. Rather, it is a guide and friend that translates for us our own inner truth. Its other objective is to connect us with the wonders and blessings that the Cosmos holds for us, when we cease living in opposition to its way.


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